Lodge owned Luxury vehicles

Luxury Scorpio Vehicle:

There are two luxury Scorpio vehicles in our fleet and is customized based on the jungle terrain and the guest comfort. It has six bucket seats and one sofa seat with extra leg space and a canopy cover which avoids rain during the monsoons and heat in extreme summers. This is also photographer friendly along with being extremely comfortable for the guests during four hours safari. These are the only two customized luxury vehicles in the whole of Tadoba.

Country’s first Battery Operated Electric Safari vehicle:

We are the pioneers in the country to have owned the Battery-Operated Electric Safari vehicles for the Jungle safaris. It was for the first time in India, Tadoba introduced the electric safari vehicles after the trial run of the vehicles in the extreme climatic conditions.
We have two of these vehicles which run completely on electric charge and cover about 100 kms on a full charge. This vehicle is designed, not only to reduce the carbon foot print in the jungle but also is noise free. This enhances the safari experience of the guests to enjoy the melodious calls from the birds the sounds of nature. It has four bucket seats and one sofa seat which can accommodate up to five guests comfortably for the safaris.