Entry Gates for Safari in Tadoba:

Core Zone:

Core zones includes protected areas, as they act as reference points on the natural state of the ecosystems represented by the biosphere reserves.

Buffer Zone:

The area that surrounds or adjoins the core areas where nature is conserved

NIGHT SAFARI: Explore Tadoba at Night

Come to Tadoba to explore the forest at night. Anexperience in search for shining eyes and thus animals in the dark forest. A three hour drive will help you in understanding the night life in a forest. You may even watch the game of prey –predator in action!!! Exploring the Nocturnal wilderness of Tadoba and also assisting the forest department in patrolling the jungles with experienced naturalist and local guide.


The Tadoba National Park offers a special advantage for wildlife enthusiasts by providing the facilities of Full-Day Safari. Now, guests have the option to stay more time inside the park than the standard safari shift time 4:00 hours. The Full-day safari permits allow the visitors to spend a maximum of 12 hours from sunrise to sunset in the park. There is a limitation of 3 Jeeps per day for Full-day safari. During these special safaris, you can either take the packed lunch and have it in the park or come back to the hotel for lunch and visit again to the park.

Safari duration:

The duration of the safari inside the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is for4 hours each in the morning &afternoon.

Safari Booking :

Safaris need to be booked well in advance to ensure availability. At the time of booking your trip, we advise to first get the safaris booked based on your requirement. Our Naturalist will assist you with all the information including pricing of various categories and will confirm the availability based on lead booking time and other parameters.

Safari Essentials

Tadoba is located in central India and mostly remains very warm to hot during the summer days. Winters are pleasant to cold and early mornings and late evenings can be quite chilly. Besides appropriate clothing the following are essentials to carry with you.
Camera a must as mobile phones, tabs and ipads are not allowed in the jungle. A camera fee is payable at the gate to the TATR depending on the size of the camera
Spare camera batteries always help
Sandbag, tripod and other accessories for large cameras
Important: Mobile Phones, Tabs or Ipads are not allowed inside the TATR jungle.

Safari Instructions: