Our Team

The team managing The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge comes from different nooks and corners of the country and brings with it an unrivalled experience in hospitality and wilderness guiding. Our four naturalists at the resort have worked in various parks across the country and will surely enhance your safari experience in Tadoba.

Ramya Jois

Like in a drama, where people behind the curtain play an important role – same as the ones on the front stage; at our lodge, we have a small team of silent movers who go unnoticed. They, though invisible to most eyes, are the ones who go around making sure that you get the best you deserve and more as a cherished guest – from great meals, clean linen, enjoyable activities and a lot in between and above.
Ramya hails from Mysore and joined us shortly after our lodge opened its doors to welcome our guests. She has graduated with a master degree in systems engineering from BITS Pilani and worked as a software engineer in Wipro – Mysore. Off-work; Ramya shows the other impressive sides to her personality. She is a devoted mother who tries to spend all the spare time that she gets with her 4-year-old son.

Akshay Kumar M

Akshay hails from Bengaluru and is a Biotechnologist by profession, but as an enthusiastic wildlife lover has frequented the famous Bandipur, Nagarhole, BR Hills, and Bhadra Tiger Reserves in Karnataka. He has assisted the Forest Department of Karnataka in conducting tiger and elephant census and has actively participated in bird surveys across the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Akshay has also worked as freelance naturalist and environmental educator at various nature camps across the country. He is currently working with us as a Chief Naturalist since 2015.

Sandesh Guru

Born and brought up in the Silicon city, Sandesh Guru was always fascinated towards animals and their behavior. A small incident that triggered him, made him to take up wildlife as a passion during his college days; which he later chose as his career. He was an active participant of the Urban Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation team and has involved in various wildlife rescue operations in and around the city. He has explored different national parks and sanctuaries and has been studying the behaviors of various species of urban Bangalore. He has also volunteered for the forest department of Karnataka and has participated in numerous conservation activities held by them in various tiger reserves. He comes with an experience as a Naturalist from Ranthambhore National Park, his wildlife knowledge, skills of interpreting the jungle and stories of his experiences in the wild has always amazed the guests.

Venkatesh C

As a young boy, Venkatesh developed his interest towards wildlife and nature. He was a part of Bangalore Urban Forest Division, which works on rescue and rehabilitation of urban wildlife such as birds, reptiles, mammals etc. After working as a professional banker for four years; his passion towards wildlife has driven him to pursue his career in the field he loved the most; wildlife! Coming from the garden city of India, Venkatesh decided to explore the closest reserves to gain more knowledge about the flora and fauna of the park. With experience for over five years; he has also volunteered for various workshops and training programmes conducted by the forest department. His inquisitiveness to learn and share knowledge about wildlife is impeccable.

Haresh Naidu

For Haresh, Nature was his purpose in life. Furnished with a degree in Robotics Engineering, he has always had a substantial passion towards nature and wildlife. This has not only given him a more profound understanding in the area of his interest but has also enabled him to share his encounters with others with his photography skills. Haresh comes from Hubli and is an avid wildlife lover. His passion for wildlife, especially the tigers; has brought him to Central India. On his previous assignment, he was working as a naturalist and assisting the forest department of Karnataka in avoiding human – animal conflict around Dandeli Tiger Reserve.