Our Initiatives

To serve luxury in the wild has been a great opportunity but with its own share of challenges. It is our constant pursuit to blend with the natural surroundings, the flora, fauna, wild life and the mankind.
The group this time has taken a step ahead and come up with innovation that has epitomized responsible eco-luxury hospitality. India’s 1st battery operated luxury safari vehicle named the Eco Ranger has been introduced by The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge. It is a zero environmental impact 6 seater where attention to details is simply tough to miss. The best part as a tourist is that this vehicle doesn’t require permission to enter the reserve as it leaves back no pollution in the forest.
We are the pioneers in launching the very innovative model of “Community Owned Community Operated Nature Conservancy’s ( COCOONs)”, wherein we have been able transform the farm lands, falling on the migratory routes of the wild animals, to re-wild, and have from own CSR funds built high end , low impact eco-wildlife tourism home stays for the farmers ( who shall continue to own the land and tourism infrastructure on it), and are assisting them in running these home stays with training, marketing back-up and financial assistance. Camp Alizanza provides an impactful experience of being close to wilderness for the guests camping overnight at Alijhanjha, a village at the periphery of the CTH of Tadoba – Andhari Tiger Reserve.
There has been a lot of tree plantation done in and around the property during the course of the property development. We make sure everything that encourages better environment and maintains if not spoils the ecological balance of the reserve.
Along with the improvement in the environmental condition of the place we also help increase the employment opportunities for the tribes where they don’t have to move to bigger cities, they can very well stay with their families and do a job where every single day there is skill development and better exposure to growth and development.
We as a group make sure that the human-animal conflict is reduced and everyone lives in a cohesive lifestyle where each is respected for their existence and given their space without interference.