The Safari

Spread over a lush 1,773 sq. km. the reserve is the southern extension of the fabled Central Indian landscape. Thick bamboo forests and verdant flora has made it an untamed playground for animals like, Sloth Bears, Dholes, Leopards, Indian gaur among many others. But one among them is by far the most popular, the Tiger. Home to over 100 tigers & close to 300 species of birds, this reserve is on the top of the lists of wildlife conservationists and nature lovers alike.

Being so close to the Tadoba forest, a safari to the famous TATR, in search of the royal Bengal Tiger, is a must. Kolara gate is the closest entry point to the forest from the resort, but safaris can also be conducted from the neighboring Navegoan and Pangdi gates to see and experience different parts of the park. The forest department permits two safaris in a day, a five hours long morning safari and a three hours safari in the evening time. The newly declared Umred- Kharhandla Tiger Reserve is a mere hour’s drive from the resort and can be explored too.

The area surrounding the resort is also blessed with an amazing array of smaller wildlife, and a nature walk along with the resort naturalists, to see the diverse flora and fauna here, is highly recommended. One can even opt to explore the wildlife of the night outside the resort and chance up on Leopards, Golden Jackals, Indian Hares, Indian Foxes, nightjars, owls and much more!

The BFSL at the Tadoba Tiger reserve will definitely bring you right back into the lap of nature and promises to beckon its guests to one of kind curated eco-luxury experiences.

The timings of the morning safari are 0630 hours to 1100 hours and that of the afternoon safari are 1430 hours to 1800 hours. The entire safari experience is organised and managed by the Forest Department of Maharashtra. There is a limitation on the number of vehicles that are allowed to enter the forest for each safari trip. To avail the safaris of your choice, kindly share the following details at the earliest:

  • Preferred safari dates and timings
  • Preferred safari vehicle
  • Scanned copy of a government-issued identity proof card of all group members

General Instructions:

  • Standard Check-in time: 14:00 Hours
  • As this is a dry district, we are not allowed to keep or serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Wi-Fi services are on complimentary basis and available only at lobby, library and restaurant areas only.
  • The nearest airport and railway station is Nagpur city and 110 km from the resort approximately 2 hours

Safari Instructions:

  • The entire safari experience is organised and managed by the Forest Department of Maharashtra.
  • Mobile Phones/Ipad / and other electronic gadgets are prohibited in the jungle.
  • The safari permits open 120 days in advance and are booked online, there is a restriction on number of vehicles entering the core area.
  • Once the safari permits are booked, it cannot be cancelled and non transferable.
  • It is mandatory to carry original nationals and original passports for foreign national
  • There is no add on facility in Tadoba once
  • The Roster gypsy vehicles are owned by local community and are operated on Rotational basis, the Lodge will not have any control on selecting these vehicles.
  • Similarly, the local guides are trained by the forest department and are mandatory to have the Local guide on all the safaris and the guides are also selected on rotational basis.
  • Camera Charges: Point and shoot /inbuilt Zoom Cameras and DSLR cameras: INR 200 /- per camera per safari, DSLR cameras with lens above 250 mm: INR 250/